Since the oral storytelling tradition is a form of live performance, it is impossible to capture the spellcasting quality of Parallel Narratives in digital form. We strictly refrain from using recording equipment or taking pictures in the workshops to create this magic space. However, for those that cannot join us in-person, the remote Audio Reading & Audio Exchange Sessions include a custom audio piece based on your story. Shared with the consent of the participants, below are some samples of the format. 

“The Measurer” is an example of a full length Parallel Narrative audio piece. Based on the life narrative of astrologer Bryan Colter, the piece features motifs from Pacific Northwest history, Archimedes, St. Lucia, European folklore, mysticism, and astronomy. (16 minutes)

“A Single Feather” is a segment from a Parallel Narrative audio piece. Based on an anonymous narrative, the piece features characters and motifs from European folklore to grapple with grief from heartbreak, addiction and loss. (3 minutes)


Parallel Narratives is an intimate and brave space for creativity masterfully facilitated by Trish Denton. Our life narratives—the stories we are used to believing about ourselves and our families—are like enchantments, spells that, through repetition, have bewitched us into believing certain things and ignoring others. The process of Parallel Narratives allowed me to rethink pivotal events, redraw the maps that connected them to other events, and watch as the stories of my classmates flowered in similar ways. I will be forever grateful to Trish for her generosity, and her wisdom in creating such a generative space as this over Zoom, providing us a closeness and community that we so sorely need during a pandemic! Marlène Ramírez-Cancio, 2020

As you explore what it means to situate your own life’s narrative in the contexts of the stories you’ve heard, the stories you’ve told others, and the stories you’ve told yourself, you’re encouraged to unveil the lessons that your life is trying to teach you in your own way. Through reading and telling, this course helped me to connect with the inner voice I thought I’d lost sight of. You don’t need to be anything other than exactly who you are to get a lot out of this experience. Dylan Cullen, 2018

Parallel Narratives was challenging and engaging and possibly life-changing (waiting to see). It was amazing to hear other people’s “true” stories as they told them and then hear the hope and strength in the retold story. It was definitely worth every minute. Trish’s guidance and personal contributions were both professional and heart-felt. Karen Van Gilder, 2019