In the new year, Parallel Narratives offers new thematic, retreat-style workshops. To subvert zoom gloom, the day-long workshops are divided into 3 parts: a morning group session, an extended lunch / zoom break / individual work session, and a group circle to close. This schedule allows a balanced retreat for connection, introspection, and focused creative work.

[Cover photo: Collage by Karen Lynch, Leaf & Petal Design]

Parallel Narratives: Tales of Imagined Futures
February 20th, 2021 from 10 am – 5 pm (Remote)

Working from our own oral history as a starting point, we will draw from a variety of folktales, sci-fi, pop culture, and mythology to craft empowering Parallel Narratives. Be prepared to listen, speak up, and experiment with elaboration through collaboration. The workshop is divided into three parts: a morning group session, an extended lunch / zoom break/ individual work session (camera off), ending with a group circle to close.

The theme of this intensive workshop will be “imagined futures”. Following Ash Wednesday, we will prepare for a long fast from outmoded aspects of our past and a commitment to abstain from false narratives about our present capacities. As we move into the part of the year where the light is returning to our days, how can we channel brilliance and reinvention through future visions? Generating future dream worlds, oral histories and love letters yet to be lived, what acts of repossession, renewal, and radical reclamation will you include in your Parallel Narratives?

Location: This workshop will be remote via Zoom. Please be sure to register with an active email. The email used for your registration will be the address used to receive the meeting invitation.

Schedule: 10 am – 5 pm on Saturday, February 20th. Day is divided into 3 parts (schedule subject to change based on number of participants / flow of day) :

10 am Introductions & Team Building

11 am Collaborative Exercises & Parallel Narratives Approach

1 pm Zoom Break / Extended Lunch / Individual Work (camera off)

3 pm Peer Collaboration

4 pm Story Circle

5 pm Closing

Tuition: $75, pre-registration required. Space is limited to 12 participants. Prior to signing up, please be **committed** to attending the whole session since space is limited and workshop format is dependent on number of attendees.

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